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Stones of Meaning

Vision Plan 2019-2024

These are exciting times at Brownback’s UCC. Members of the congregation noticed a need for this church to grow and a desire to share our beliefs with others outside of the congregation. With that being said, Consistory formed the Vision Committee and requested guidance from the UCC Conference. Over the past year, the Vision Committee has been gathering information from members about where we are and where we want to be, and a 5 year Vision Plan was created. 

The Vision Plan for 2019-2024 was shared during the Worship Service on 9/22/19. Click here to view a copy of the Vision Plan.


The following objectives were shared along with strategies to reach the objectives, accountability and a timeline for reaching the goals, and the financial impact (if any) of the goals.

  • We will strive to find ways to grow our spirituality by expanding the variation in the service, varying music to meet a wide range of interests, and continuing growth toward more conversational sermons.

  • We will enhance our outreach to those in need by increasing our physical involvement with our members, visitors, and community; and organizing a fundraising committee.

  • We will place a continued emphasis on the Christian education of the children by developing additional ways for children and youth to participate in the Worship service and establishing fellowship activities for youth (grades 4 and up) to strengthen their relationships.


Over the next few months, you will hear about these initiatives that will allow Brownback’s to grow. Consider participating in many of these activities.

There will be many ideas that we will try; some will work, and some may not, but the ultimate goal is growth. Take part in this adventure as we reach out to the community and grow together in both faith and new membership.

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