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Brownback's Quilters


The Ladies Aide (aka Brownback's Quilters) has been in existence for more than 200 years! Today, they meet every Wednesday from 9:00 am - Noon. If you are interested in sewing, stop by! The ladies will teach you how to quilt. Brownback's continues to keep this wonderful tradition alive! Visit the quilting room to see a book containing pictures of many of the quilts made at Brownback's.


In the earlier years of quilting, the group shared the space under the sanctuary with numerous Sunday School classes, separated only by a curtain. The quilt in progress was raised by ropes and pulleys up to the ceiling and lowered when the women gathered to work on it.


Often the ladies quilted all day, stopping only for lunch. At times, there have been 8-10 women each week, who have been able to finish many quilts in one year, depending on the size and amount of quilting on each one. There was often a waiting list for people requesting quilts.


With the addition of the Fellowship Hall in 1967, the quilters now work in a dedicated Quilters Room directly below Fellowship Hall. In this large room, the quilters can work on two quilts at the same time.


When someone requests a quilt, the quilters layer the quilt top with the backing and batting, quilt it, and add the binding. The quilt top may be pre-marked or the quilters may mark the design on the top.


The cost of quilts is based on the size (e.g., crib, twin, full), the amount of quilting to be done, and any supplies that need to be purchased. Proceeds from the work are donated to various causes within the church.

Circa 1979. From the left, Grace Berkey, Dorothy Grau, Genevieve Snyder, Viola Peiffer, Frances Schrack, Evelyn Halteman, Annie Bechtel, and Christine Daylor

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