Community Garden


Spring/Summer 2015 marked the inaugural growing season at Brownback's Community Garden. Our mission is to provide fresh produce for a local food pantry and for members of our congregation.


The garden is located on Route 23 about a ¼ mile West of the church. Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm to help pull weeds and tend to the crops.


By utilizing various sustainable agriculture techniques as well as planting with organic heirloom seeds, a unique growing environment has developed. Fruit and vegetables of all shapes and sizes have been harvested so far.


During the Spring of 2016, Reed Bauer (a member of Brownback's) completed his Eagle Scout project which involved building raised planting beds.

In Spring 2017, Sam Kuhl (who is a member of Boy Scout Troop 4 with Reed Bauer) built a fire pit, two compost boxes, and a trestle for the black berry bushes to help fulfill his Eagle Scout project. Any extra money raised will go toward a deer fence around the garden and orchard. 

This year, the Garden Club is hoping to add two more raised beds, add mulch around the blueberry bushes and fruit trees, and do preventive maintenance. Patrick Goucker II, an Eagle Scout candidate from Boy Scout Troop 4, will be spearheading the project. 

Over the past couple years, Brownback’s community garden has donated thousands of pounds of produce to local food banks and shelters. 

Master Gardener, Matt Gerhart

Current Tally


What We Have Planted

Red beets