275th Anniversary Celebration 


Brownback’s UCC is planning a year-long anniversary celebration! A committee has been meeting to plan activities to remember, honor, and celebrate our church.

Join us for the following activities that are part of the year-long celebration:

  • Community Dinner on September 9. Invite your friends and family!

  • Rally Day activities after the Worship Service on September 10.

  • Our new Church Directory will be available during our anniversary year.

  • 500 Year Reformation Sessions are scheduled for 9:00 AM on September 24, October 1, October 15, and October 22. 

  • “Thankful Memories” will begin during the Worship Service in November. Volunteers will share a brief Brownback’s memory.

  • Brownback’s commemorative ornaments are available for purchase ($11 each).

  • Commemorative plates are also available for purchase ($20 each).

  • Pot Luck Dinner and viewing of the Martin Luther DVD on Saturday, January 20th at 5:00 pm. Sign up so we can be sure to be prepared for all. Let us know if you need a ride.

  • Celebration of weddings performed at Brownbacks. On Sunday, February 11, we want to celebrate with all present and former members who were married in our sanctuary. Share your wedding memorabilia including photos for a special display.

  • Gather your favorite recipes; we are creating an Anniversary Cookbook. Share the recipes with Barbara Guy. Barbara requests that you email them to her at barbara.m.guy@gmail.com, but she will gladly accept written copies. Submit written copies directly to her or give them to the office. The goal is for each family to submit multiple recipes in a variety of categories. 

  • Baptisms and Confirmations. Sunday, March 18, is a special day for all present and former members who were baptized and/or confirmed at Brownback’s. 

  • Commemorative Plate. We are finalizing plans for an anniversary commemorative plate. 

  • We will be sharing the history of Brownback’s on the second Sunday of each month. See Linda Bauer if you would like to be a presenter. The script will be provided.

  • An Anniversary Luncheon will be held on Sunday, May 6, 2018 in Fellowship Hall.

Members of the committee include Mark Stryjak, Linda Bauer, Pat Diener, Judy White, Michelle Kullen, Linda Raifsnider, and Barbara Guy. More tentative plans will be shared as the committee develops them further.

Memory Minutes

Linda Bauer

Steve Guy

Kaitlin Iezzi

Nancy Pieffer

Commemorative Ornament